Tips For Using Vinyl Signs For Your Trade Show Booth

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Trade shows are known for being an endless mass of tables, people and signs. If you're designing a trade show booth to attend your first event, you need to think about how to set your company's booth apart. When you're surrounded by so many others in the same industry, it's important that your company is recognizable and memorable. Here are a few tips to help with your design.

Don't Fit In

Many trade show booths are standard designs that follow a typical pattern with signs, tablescapes and backdrops. If you're looking for a way to really set your company apart, don't follow the same cookie-cutter mold. Instead of fitting in with the crowd, stand out with bright, versatile vinyl signs that you can hang from your own stands. That way, you can opt for taller signs and more versatile designs.

In addition, vinyl is durable enough that you can have a whole series of them made to fit not only the stand behind the station but also the front of the table and any advertiser's board or participants sign that's made available near the entry. Vinyl also lets you get years from your signs because you can roll them up and store them in protected tubes.

Aim For Versatility

Create walls for your booth that include integrated fixtures for showcasing products, displaying flyers and more. You'll want to make the most of all of the available space to display as much information as possible.

Consider the possibility of installing LED panels or something similarly customizable on one side of your display. That way, you can update it with every show or even on a daily basis. You might also want to consider a collapsible structure so that you can fold it up and transport it with ease.

Incorporate Giveaways

One of the things that makes companies the talk of a trade show is the giveaways. Promotional items and fun gadgets can make your company a hot spot during the trade show. Always consider the intended audience and customize your giveaways to meet their needs. Consider working with a designer to build structures that incorporate racks for the products that you'll give away. Consider ordering vinyl signs that spotlight your giveaways, because the bold colors will draw more attention.

Trade shows are a great way to get your company's name in front of many potential customers and clients. With these tips and some vibrant vinyl signs, you can make your booth the one to visit at every trade show you attend. For more tips, check out sites like