How To Keep A Framed Mirror From Being Too Heavy For Your Wall

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If you have a large mirror that you want to place in your bathroom, then you may opt for a more modern look by framing and hanging it. While this may be suitable to your overall design scheme, you will need to understand that the mirror will be quite heavy. This means that you will need to do your best to prevent the mirror from falling. There are some things you can do during the framing and hanging process to prevent a future incident.

Frame With Light Materials

Most mirrors that are placed in homes are called black-silvered mirrors. These mirrors are fitted with a layer of aluminum that is adhered to a piece of glass. The glass allows you to see your reflection clearly, and it prevents the aluminum from becoming scratched. While the glass is essential to the mirror, it adds a lot of weight to the mirror. Glass thicknesses vary depending on the mirror. If you opt for a thin one with one-eighth of an inch of glass, then it will weigh about 1.64 pounds per square foot. This means that a moderately sized mirror that is 6 square feet will weigh about 10 pounds. 

If your mirror is already heavy, then it is best to minimize total weight by opting for a frame that is relatively lightweight. If you want a wood one, then choose an ash or poplar one. Both of these woods are relatively light. If you want a more artistic frame with designs and patterns, then think about picking out a polystyrene type of frame. These plastic frames can be molded into a variety of different shapes, and they will add very little weight to the mirror.

Use The Right Hangers

Once the mirror is framed, you will want to make sure that a solid piece of steel wire is secured along the back so it can be hung properly. This wire will be able to hold the weight of the mirror evenly over the hanger you install. You will want to purchase a strong steel hanger that is an inch or more wide. This hanger should have a tapered end so it can secure in the stud of the wall. Hangers or fasteners that also expand after they are placed are a good idea. These devices will grip the stud with a v-shaped insert that will be extremely difficult to pull out. This means that the mirror is not likely to rip the fastener from the wall with its weight. 

When you go to hang the mirror, make sure to use a level. This way, you will know that the mirror is straight and not pulling at the fastener as it angles. 

Contact a company that specializes in custom mirror framing, as they will know what materials and hangers to use so that you can successfully hang the mirror.