2 Ways To Make Sure Your Factory Can Meet Large Orders

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Trying to make sure that your factory has enough people to meet your orders can be difficult, especially if you have an exceptionally large order that you have to meet in a hurry. It can take time to bring new people up to speed. So how can you make sure that you can meet your customers' needs?

Run Additional Shifts

One option that you have is to run additional shifts. For example, if you don't typically have an overnight shift, you may choose to do that. Or if your factory isn't open on the weekends, you may want to open up on the weekends until the order is met. There are some issues to doing this. One is that, if you offer an additional shift, you may lose some employees on your regular shifts to work the extra shift, especially if you are offering a differential in salary. You are also looking at increasing your overhead since you are going to have to pay for extra wages. You will have to run a cost/benefit analysis to see if opening up for additional shifts or days will cut into any profits you may get from the large orders. 

Fill Out Empty Slots

You may have empty employee slots because people have left and you haven't found anyone to fill those empty places. Or you may have just expanded and you need to come up with new employees. It can take time to fill empty employee slots. You need to advertise, interview, and train new employees on all the equipment that you have in your factory. There are ways that you can fill empty positions without having to go through all that. One is that you can use a temporary staffing agency that specializes in factory and manufacturing jobs. The staffing agency will go through all the time of advertising for and interviewing potential employees. They will make sure that all the people they hire will know how to work various machinery so that those people don't have to be trained when they get into a new position. All you have to do is call the staffing agency and tell them what you need, and they will look through their records and contact people who meet your needs and send them to your factory. You can use those employees as long as you need. 

Making sure that you have enough employees to make sure that your factory is running at optimal efficiency is important. There are ways that you can do that. Contact a company like Nesco Resource to learn more.