Employment Agencies Can Help You Do More Than Just Find A Job

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Staffing agencies can assist job seekers with several services. Some people think that these agencies can only help them find employment. The following are a few other things that you could find beneficial about staffing agencies.


Many jobs require applicants to have resumes. Some staffing agencies help people with their resumes. Perhaps you have a resume, but it may not have your last job or recent educational training on it. A staffing agency might be able to assist you with getting the information on your resume updated. You might find an employment agency that does not offer any assistance with resumes, but they likely know of a resume service in your area and might be able to refer you to ensure that having a resume does not keep you from finding a job.

Certifications and Training

Perhaps you will need certain certifications or training to qualify for positions. If you have expired certifications, the employment agency can assist you by finding out how to get your certifications renewed, which could qualify you for positions. Sometimes employment agencies offer in-house training to help people gain the skills they will need to perform certain jobs. These types of training can help individuals who are going through career transitions or having difficulties finding employment in their field.

Aptitude Testing

Sometimes employers require job seekers to prove that they are able to perform certain tasks. Employment agencies can perform these tests and keep the results on file even if there is not a job opening at the time. This allows them to have qualified people in their system who they can contact if an opening becomes available. For example, an agency might not have any open clerical positions, but that could change in the near future. Clerical jobs generally require some typing, and many employers want individuals to be able to type a predetermined number of words per minute. The staffing agency can give typing tests to job seekers in advance and notify qualified job applicants about new positions that match their skill sets. 

A staffing agency is a good resource to use to discover additional services that are offered. The services offered may vary from agency to agency. Some job seekers find it beneficial to register with multiple agencies. This can be ideal for individuals who have many skills. For example, a person who has worked in multiple industries and backgrounds might want to use more than one staffing agency to improve their chances of finding work in the field they really want to work in. For more information, contact an employment agency like Bishop & Company Inc.