3 Long Distance Moving Mistakes To Avoid

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Moving can be exhausting, and a long distance move requires extra organization and preparation. When you're moving far away from your current home, there is no room for error so it is imperative that you are ready when moving day arrives. If you have recently learned that you will be moving to a different state, avoid the following long distance moving mistakes:

Waiting Too Long to Hire a Moving Company

The last thing you want to do is put off hiring a long distance moving company. It is in your best interest to begin getting quotes from different moving companies as soon as you learn the date of your long distance move. Booking a company as far in advance as possible will give you the time to compare price quotes and select the company that best suits your needs. If you wait too long, your options may be limited and you may be forced to hire a long distance moving company that you are not comfortable working with. In the worst case scenario, you may not be able to find a moving company that is available if you wait too long to book.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Pack

You may think you know how long it will take you to pack up your belongings, but most people seriously underestimate how long packing up a whole house actually takes. If you want to avoid the stress of throwing everything into boxes at the last minute, you should give yourself ample time to pack. This will prevent a lot of frustration and also ensure that you have the time to pack each box carefully. It is a good idea to purchase all of your boxes and moving supplies as early as possible and then focus on packing a few boxes every day.

Putting Extremely Valuable or Fragile Items on the Moving Truck

A reputable long distance moving company will take good care of your belongings, but everything that is packed in boxes will be in the back of a truck that is traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles. For your own peace of mind, it is best to not load any items that are very fragile or have a very high monetary or sentimental value onto the moving truck. If you would be devastated if something is damaged or broken in transport, it is much better to personally transport those items yourself. 

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