How To Keep Communicating When High-Tech Communications Systems Miss Their Mark

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The biggest problem with the typed word is the inflection and nuance generated by the human voice. Back when email became the "it" way to communicate, there was A LOT of miscommunication happening as people learned how to express things without saying them. This problem still exists, as you see others blow up on social media over something that was misunderstood or misinterpreted. In business, this is a major problem because you do not want employees, co-workers, or business partners offended or upset. Here is how to keep communicating when communications systems miss their intended mark or point.

Talk to Communications Firms about Your Issues

As the younger generations move away from actually talking to each other and instead text or email all the time, you want to be sure that younger employees and co-workers understand exactly what is going on. Undoubtedly, they want older generations in the workforce to understand their communiques as well. Hiring a communication firm will help with this, since the communications firms not only deal in communications technology, but also in training sessions on how to communicate effectively in a rapidly changing world.

Install Transcription Software That Is Accurate and Conveys Messages Well

Some of the latest smartphones now have transcription software so that even the deaf and hard-of-hearing can get their messages without having to rely on a hearing friend to get the messages. This same type of software is available for computers and landline phones, depending on which you would prefer. Most of the software available does a pretty good job of transcribing what you say, word for word, so that there is no confusion. It also catches pauses, commas, periods, and ellipses in conversation so that the right phrases and clauses get their proper emphasis. The transcription software can be purchased through a communication firm, but also through other retailers and e-tailers. 

Pick up the Phone—Reach out and Touch Someone

Never forget that the clearest messages and most easily understood conversation is over the phone. Pick up a cell or a landline and call someone. Your company pays for these services, so why not use them as they were originally intended? Everyone you talk to over the phone will then have a very clear understanding of what you mean and remember best what you have said. Just like the taglines from the telephone company commercials back in the 70's, "Reach out and touch someone."