Simple And Cool Ways To Get More Kids Interested In Visiting Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

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There is no doubt about it—most kids do love ice cream. However, in the frozen yogurt business, it can be just a tad bit harder to get little ones interested in what you have to offer. Any good food-related business owner knows that the way to grow profits and sales often lies in marketing products and the experience to the right people. If you can get children interested in eating at your yogurt shop, parents will often follow. To garner more interest from a youthful crowd at your yogurt shop, there are a few cool and easy changes you can make in your frozen yogurt shop. 

Invest in disposable, color changing spoons. 

You may assume that one spoon is just as good as the next when you are ordering supplies for your yogurt shop, but what if you could make just the average plastic spoon a lot more interesting in the eyes of a child? With color changing spoons, you can do just that. These colorful spoons are designed to change colors when they hit the frozen ingredients because the materials used to create the spoons react to temperature changes. These spoons are inexpensive but well worth the extra effort to find because children love things that magically change colors right before their eyes, and they will probably even pack them home when they leave. 

Seek out child-friendly promotional items. 

Kids love to get something for free, and parents love the idea that you give something free to their children that will keep them entertained while they enjoy their own frozen desserts. So if you want to see your business flourish with more children interested in your frozen yogurt, try handing out some nifty, free promotional items. A few inexpensive examples of child-friendly promotional items include:

  • stickers
  • balloons 
  • coloring pages and crayons
  • colorful notepads
  • paper dolls/characters
  • pens, pencils, and markers
  • t-shirts
  • small plush toys

Create a marketing strategy catered to children.

There are certain things that catch a child's attention where marketing is concerned. Friendly mascots, cartoon-like commercials, highlights of special things like sprinkles and gummy bear toppings–all of these are examples of what you could mention or show in digital ads that would definitely be attractive to youngsters. Revamp your current marketing videos, ads, and commercials to ensure they include things that are catered more to children, and you are bound to see a change in how many kids you see in your shop.