Fire Safety In Your Commercial Kitchen: Keep Your Kitchen Safe By Preparing For Emergencies

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When you have a commercial kitchen, it's important to make sure everything in is good working order. You'll need to follow through with routine maintenance on your appliances and make sure any grease traps are cleaned out on a consistent basis. In addition, any staff that are employed by your business will need to be properly trained in safety procedures in the event of a fire. You'll have regulations to follow provided by your state, and you may be subject to inspection to make sure your kitchen is safe for you and your employees. When you focus on fire safety, you will help prevent damage to your kitchen and keep everyone that works for you safe.

Your Hood and Ventilation System

All commercial kitchens must have a working hood and ventilation system installed. This needs to be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that there isn't any grease or dust building up within the system. The restaurant hood is usually made from steel, and the goal is to provide protection for the entire cooking area. The fryers and ovens will need to be protected by the ventilation system in the event there is a fire. Make sure your hood and ventilation system is always in good working order to ensure protection. Click here for more info on restaurant hoods.

Keep Your Ovens Clean

When you use your commercial ovens consistently, you'll need to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. If you leave messes in your ovens, eventually this will cause a fire hazard. When your oven gets dirty with dropped food debris, these particles can become flammable. 

Practice Safety Around Fryers

Fryers are filled with hot grease, a fuel that can cause a significant fire if it gets too close to an open flame. In addition, if the fryer is filled too high and you put food into it, the hot grease can spread all along your counters. Fryers are a common fire hazard, and it's important to have a fire extinguisher nearby for use on grease fires at all times. When in doubt, cover the grease fire with a heavy metal lid, and don't use water.

The safety of your commercial kitchen is essential, as a fire can wreak havoc on your ability to keep your business running. Take the time to inspect your commercial hood, keep it clean, and remove any buildup from your appliances.