4 Ways Your Office Space Is Hindering Productivity

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It doesn't matter what industry you're operating within, productivity is a key part of success. When your employee's production efforts fall behind, profits drop shortly thereafter, which is always bad for business. While access to technology and more efficient practices can help enhance productivity, your efforts shouldn't stop there. Even something more practical like a focus on your office furniture can help.

Poor Storage

If your employee's workspaces are designed with limited storage, you're only hindering their productivity efforts. Poor storage breeds clutter and disorganization. In this type of work environment, important documents and other files are more likely to be misplaced, which can slow down important projects. This type of environment can also cause employees to lose focus, which will also hinder their efforts. Ideally, you want to select office furniture that provides adequate storage and provides a neat place for everything to go.

Dull Furniture

When you walk into a space that is vibrant and creative, it energizes you and motivates you to work. When you walk into a dull and unappealing space, it can have the opposite type of effect. Make sure you're designing your workspaces so that they spark creativity. If you don't want to do this with brightly colored furniture, you can still accomplish the same goal with furniture designed in different textures, such as wood or chrome instead of traditional wood. The overall idea is to create a unique work environment that can motivate your team.

Forgetting Chair Ergonomics

If you weren't considering proper ergonomics when selecting your office chairs, you are also impacting your productivity negatively. Poor ergonomics is one of the leading causes of back pain. When someone must strain to reach their computer or the chair doesn't have adequate back support, this can lead to back discomfort. A person in pain is far less productive than a person who is comfortable. Simply updating your office chairs to something more ergonomically friendly can help get your team members moving in the right direction again.

Poor Layout

Make sure the layout of your office space is one that is geared toward productivity. For example, if your invoicing team has to travel a long distance to collect copies of the invoices they've prepared, this only increases the amount of time it takes for them to prepare their invoices, which also affects your payments. Whether it is a printer, storage closet or even the bathroom, the layout of the office needs to be convenient and easily accessible for your everyone.

There are a number of practical things you can do around your office to improve productivity and ultimately increase your business's potential for success.Check out your local office furniture specialists or D&R Office Works Inc. to improve your workplace!