Getting Money As Quick As Possible To Bail Your Spouse Out Of Jail

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If you get a surprise phone call from your spouse letting you know they are in jail and are in need of someone to bail them out, chances are you will be concerned and want to help them with this matter. Regardless of the reasoning for being in jail, you may need to have them continue working to help provide for your family. The need to come up with money quickly will be necessary. Here are some ways you can obtain the much-needed funds to give to the jail for the release of your spouse until their court date.

Pawn Some Of Your Valuables In Exchange For Cash

If you have a local pawn shop in your area, head there the next day to pawn some of your more valuable items in exchange for cash. This can then be brought to the jail to pay for your spouse's release. Pawn jewelry, gold coins, rare paintings, clothing, antiques, or even vehicles at the pawn shop if possible. When your spouse shows for their court date, they will be reimbursed the amount of the bail, allowing you to get your items back at this time. It is best to alert the pawn shop about the circumstances of the needed cash, as they may allow you a bit of extra time in repayment if the court date is not to be held immediately.

Get A Cash Payout Through Your Credit Card Company

If you have a credit card in your possession, you may be able to use it at the jail to pay for the release. If the jail does not accept credit cards, you will need to bring your credit card to the bank it is drawn from to see if they will allow you to obtain a cash payout. If your credit is in relatively good standing, this should not be a problem. The cash will be deposited into a checking account so you can withdraw funds within a day or so. The downside to this method of fast cash, is that it often has a high interest rate attached. You will be expected to pay off the borrowed money along with this interest just as you do with credit card debt.

Consider Calling A Bail Bonds Company

A bail bond company like Bail Man Bail Bonds will be able to handle the payment of your spouse's bail immediately. Many bail bond services are open around the clock. This will take away the need to wait until the next day as you attempt to gather cash for their release. The bond company will make the payment in your behalf, as long as you are able to give them paperwork regarding a piece of collateral they can keep if your spouse fails to show up for court. If you are not positive your spouse will show for their court appearance, it is risky to take the chance in obtaining a bail bond. If you are confident your spouse will attend when they are supposed to, this is an excellent method in getting money fast for their release.