Infection Protection And Moisturizing Relief For Your Dog's Ears

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If your dog struggled with a flea infestation over the summer, their ears may have been among the affected body parts. Dogs tend to scratch incessantly when bothered by pesky parasites. Even if fleas didn't go inside of the ear canal, their presence near the opening of each ear could have resulted in discomfort. Have you noticed that your dog's ears contain raw-looking skin that is irritated? Ear wipes and drops are two products that will prevent infections and promote healing.

Purchase Products That Are All-Natural

Your pet's veterinarian can recommend wipes and suspension drops that are formulated with natural ingredients. Aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil are three ingredients that possess soothing and moisturizing qualities. Products are alcohol-free and will not cause discomfort when they are applied. One wipe should be used to clean each ear opening.

Pus, dried blood, and loose fur will be collected during this process. After the cleaning is complete, add a couple of moisturizing drops to each ear. Before administering the drops, shake the bottle so that the liquid will pool near the opening of the bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle to release each drop. Massage the base of each ear to assist with spreading the liquid throughout each ear canal.

The drops will not oversaturate the ear canals but will encourage a healthy balance of hydrated skin. This means that your dog may not become distracted by scabs or small wounds that are a result of scratching. This will allow your pet's ears to heal completely. When the liquid drops dry, a soft powder will be apparent. You can leave the powder on your dog's skin or gently brush it away. In addition to preventing infection and promoting healing, wipes and drops will eliminate foul odors. 

Use Wipes And Drops After Swimming Or Bathing

Use cleansing wipes and moisturizing drops to treat your dog's ears after each swimming or bathing session that they participate in. Always wash your hands before directly applying pressure to the back of a wipe. Take all measures to protect your dog's eyes and nose when administering either product.

To dissuade future ear irritations, treat your pet for fleas and ticks as needed. Your pet's veterinarian will either treat your dog during a standard office appointment or they will suggest a product that you can purchase to treat fleas and ticks from the comfort of your home. 

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