3 Reasons to Get a Title 24 Report Done for Your Renovation Project

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If you are getting ready to take on a renovation project for your property, one step that you should not skip is getting a Title 24 report done. A few reasons why this is such an important thing to do when doing major renovations to a building in California are listed below. If you talk to someone who does Title 24 reports, you can also find out more about why these reports are done, why they are so useful and what will be involved in having one done on your building.

1. Prevent Problems Through Inspections

When having a renovation project done, you may be required to have a lot of different inspections done throughout the process. This might be required before you can get building permits so that renovations can be done in the first place. It might also be required before you can actually begin using your renovated building for its intended purpose. If you want to avoid having any problems with inspections on your property, it is important to be compliant with Title 24 regulations and to have a Title 24 report done at the appropriate time.

2. Make Sure Your Building Is Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a major concern for many homeowners, business owners and other property owners. One of the main purposes of Title 24 is to ensure that buildings are built, renovated, and maintained to meet modern energy efficiency standards. Although you might have a few ideas in mind of how you will make sure that your building is energy efficient, you might want to check your Title 24 report and any accompanying information to ensure that your building is renovated in a way that is as energy efficient as possible.

3. Maintain Your Building's Value

Whether you are fixing up your home or renovating a commercial building, it is probably important to you to preserve your building's value if you can. If you want to put your building up for sale but cannot produce a Title 24 report, then you might find that you will have a hard time selling your building at all. Additionally, those who might otherwise be interested in buying your building might not be willing to pay as much for a property that does not have a Title 24 report. For many, this could seem like a sign that the building needs a lot of repairs and inspections and that it might cost a lot of money to get the building compliant.