Tower Painting Preparation: Tips For Upcoming Paint Work

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If you have recently been notified that there will be a painting crew on your property to inspect and maintain the tower that's on the property, you should try to understand what's ahead and the risks to the property. In fact, it's often beneficial to discuss the plans with the tower painting company so that you can adequately prepare or ensure that they are taking the necessary precautions. The more you know in advance, the easier it is to ensure that your property is a safe, secure environment and is protected from damage caused by the painting process. Here are a few things that you should know ahead of time.

Understand Your Access Responsibilities

The first thing you must understand when you're notified of a tower painting crew coming to your property is what your responsibilities are. In some cases, the tower painting company will notify you of the expectations from you along with the notice. In other cases, you may need to check the documentation of the easements and access rights from when you bought the property.

In most situations, you'll be expected to provide the crew with unobstructed, safe access to the tower location. That means clearing out any shrub growth or other foliage as well as fence materials or other obstructions that may be in the area. Consider the size of the equipment that they may be bringing and ensure that there are no overhead obstructions either. 

Be Prepared For Multiple Visits

When it comes to tower painting, property owners are usually notified that the work will be completed, but they may not know when or for how long. One thing you should be prepared for is that the painting job is going to require multiple visits to your property.

The first visit to your property will be for a thorough inspection of the tower. This is essential because this step tells the tower painting company what work needs to be done. This determines if the existing paint must be removed, and if there are any signs of wear that must be dealt with.

The remaining number of visits will vary based on how much work must be done and how many coats of paint are required. Each coat must be thoroughly dry before the next is applied, and this can take time.

Protect Your Property From Damage

It's in your best interest to reach out to the tower painting company about what kind of protection you'll need for your property. For example, if the tower painting company will be removing the existing paint from the tower, you need to find out if the company will be spreading coverings over the foliage or if you need to.

Paint chips such as those produced by sandblasting existing paint can seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater with chemicals. This is especially concerning if the paint on the tower is old enough to be lead-based.

Make sure that you know what the paint removal process will look like and what steps will be taken to mediate the risk of paint contamination. Ask about the cleanup efforts as well so that you can be sure to identify any remaining care that you'll need to do when they are done.

Find Out About Safety Precautions

The tower painting company specializes in these high-risk, complex painting jobs. They are professionals who know how to apply paint properly with minimal contamination to the work area. That being said, it's important that you understand if there are any safety precautions that you should be taking, including keeping your pets and children away from that part of the property while they are working. The less distraction there is in the area, the easier it will be for the painting crew to get their job done.