Podcasts In The Classroom

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Listening to podcasts during class, either collectively or independently, may influence your pupils and help them strive toward personal goals that they set for themselves. Podcasts that relay personal life experiences are relatable and will emphasize the possibility of overcoming obstacles and excelling. Here are a few tips for sharing podcasts on personal life experiences with your class.

Review Various Podcasts

Before you introduce the podcast listening experience that your students will be participating in, review various podcasts that are geared toward the age of your pupils and the challenges that they may be facing. A podcast that relates to becoming confident or doing well in school may provide a lot of insight that your students will benefit from.

After choosing some podcasts, outline the classroom assignment and obtain headphones and devices that your students can use to access a particular podcast. You can even request that your students furnish their own mobile phones, if most or all of your pupils have access to one.

Before the first listening session, prepare an overview of what is going to be introduced and the rules that you would like the students to follow during the initial session. All classwork should be turned in and desks should be cleaned off, prior to the listening experience. If any students have failed to complete assignments or have been disruptive in class, you can use a podcast as an incentive to aid them in correcting their negative behaviors.

Choose Collective Or Independent Listening

Either allow your students to select the podcast that the entire group will be listening to or provide a few options and let each student decide which podcast they will be listening to on their own. Make sure that each personal story that is being shared via a podcast will be relayed within the time allotted for your class.

If you decide to listen to the podcast along with your students, write down some questions that you would like your students to reflect upon, once the podcast has ended. Information that is absorbed during a listening session may affect each student differently. Allow students to supply their own perceptions, based upon what they have listened to.

If any of the podcasts can be utilized with a classroom project that is going to cover the same topic, spend one day listening to the podcast and the subsequent day relaying instructions for the project. Once the students have completed what was asked of them, have them present their projects to their peers.