How Propane Gas Delivery Works For A Big Tank Or A Small Tank For A Gas Grill

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If you use propane to power your outdoor kitchen but you don't have any indoor gas appliances, you may not want the expense of buying a huge propane tank. You might use the small propane tanks for grills instead. Whether you have a big tank or a small one, you can arrange to have the gas delivered to your home. Here's how it works.

Propane Gas Delivery For Grills

You usually have to pick up a small tank of propane from a store and lug it home yourself. You might feel a little uncomfortable driving with a propane tank in your car so you can avoid it altogether when you have the gas delivered.

All you have to do is call the propane gas delivery company and set a date for the delivery. You can order one or more tanks at a time. If you have an empty tank to swap out, you'll pay less than if you buy a spare tank without turning in an empty one.

Depending on the service you use, you can often get quick delivery within a day or two. You don't have to be home, but you need to leave instructions on where your empty tanks are and where to put the new tanks. Your gas delivery company may not even require a subscription since you may not grill every day. Instead, just call before a weekend you plan to cook outdoors to make sure you have plenty of gas for your grill.

Propane Gas Delivery For A Big Tank

If you decide to install other gas appliances, you'll probably want a big tank. These are sometimes buried in the ground so they aren't eyesores in your yard. If you use gas for an important appliance like a water heater or furnace that keeps you warm, you'll want to ensure you never run out of propane.

You might be able to monitor your tank with a smartphone app that notifies you when the gas starts to get low. Some apps can even notify the gas delivery company when it's time to come and fill your tank. You can let the gas company set a schedule and fill your tank regularly so you never run out or you can just call when you need gas.

Since big tanks hold a lot of propane, it could cost quite a bit to fill it up. Your gas delivery company might have a program that allows you to split the cost into 12 equal payments so your gas bill stays the same over a period of a year.