Dealing With Drain Line Problems

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As accomplished as many people feel when it comes to homeownership, there is also an aspect of it that can be stressful. For instance, due to being the owner of the home, there isn't the ability to call a landlord when problems arise. Minor problems can usually be repaired by a homeowner without the need for any special skills, but major problems can require the help of a professional. A problematic plumbing system is a good example of a problem that can arise and require the skills of an expert to be resolved. If the drains in your house are not functioning properly, it can be due to a minor or major problem that a plumber can resolve on your behalf.

Unclogging Drains With Commercial Equipment

Although it isn't always necessary for commercial equipment to be used when unclogging drains, household products might not be powerful enough. For example, if a drain is clogged due to there being a lot of cooking oil solidified in a pipe, household drain cleaners might not work. Plumbers can actually get rid of such clogs with ease by using commercial equipment such as snakes and pumps. In the most severe cases of drain clogs, jetting equipment can be used to get rid of the clogs. A plumber will usually perform an inspection before deciding on the most appropriate equipment to use in order to clear a drain line out.

Excavation for Repairing the Main Sewer Line

Drain lines are attached to a larger line that is located beneath the ground on your property. Basically, the large drain is known as the main sewer line, and it can affect all other lines if it becomes clogged up. The main sewer line can also get damaged and cause problems, which sometimes leads to it needing to be replaced. In order for a plumber to replace the main sewer line, the ground will have to be excavated so it can be removed. If your ground must be excavated, you will be warned in advance and given an explanation of what to expect during the process.

What Professional Drain Line Repairs Might Cost

Drain line repairs can vary depending on the severity of the problem and where the pipes are located. You should expect to pay between several hundred dollars and thousands for some of the most major repairs. However, you can receive a more direct estimate by speaking to a plumber and getting your drain lines inspected.