Why You Need Deck Waterproofing Services and How Decks Are Waterproofed

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Since your deck is exposed to rain and all kinds of weather, it shows its age quicker if you don't have it waterproofed. Waterproofing your deck helps it have a longer life and stay more attractive. Here's why deck waterproofing is important and how a deck waterproofing service might do the job depending on the type of deck you have.

Why You Should Waterproof Your Deck

Besides maintaining the condition of the wood or concrete, waterproofing is important for preventing mold in your home. When wood rots, mold can develop quickly and spread in your home. A second-level deck that isn't waterproofed might even allow rain to leak in the walls and cause water damage and mold inside the house.

Plus, deck waterproofing services cost much less than repairing water damage and getting rid of mold. You might need to have waterproofing services every few years to keep your deck in the best shape and to protect your home.

What Type of Decks Are Waterproofed

You can have nearly all types of decks waterproofed, including wood and concrete. You can have patio decks, balconies, a roof deck, dock deck, pool deck, and free-standing decks waterproofed. Each type of deck material has special waterproofing needs and a deck waterproofing service ensures the right type of work is undertaken to prevent problems with water soaking in the deck and problems with water runoff.

How Deck Waterproofing Is Done

The deck itself can be waterproofed with a coating or stain. Wood is usually stained to allow the beauty of the original color and grain to show through. You can tell when a wood deck needs to be stained by pouring a little water in it. Water beads up on a protected deck and soaks into a deck that needs to be waterproofed.

Concrete can be waterproofed with a coating that keeps rain from sinking in the pores of the concrete and causing damage over the years. Plus, a waterproof coating also helps protect the concrete against dirt and stains. The coatings can also add traction to the concrete, which might be beneficial for a pool deck.

While a coating might be all your deck requires, you might have a need for additional waterproofing services. These entail putting down a waterproof barrier to keep rain from leaking through a wood deck, and installing a drainage system so water drains toward a channel that directs water to a safe place to drain.

The service you choose will check your deck and see what kind of problems it has with managing rain so the best waterproofing method can be applied. To learn more, contact a deck waterproofing professional.