Why Should Sellers Request A Home Inspection Long In Advance Of Sales Season?

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Requesting a home inspection makes sense for buyers, especially those interested in an "as-is" property. Mortgage companies often review inspection reports to gain better perspectives on its value and any potential hazards. Sellers might think they play a passive role in home inspections, but only if they choose so. Home inspectors also serve sellers, and anyone interested in selling a home with some obvious maintenance issues might want a home inspection performed before putting anything on the market. Some underlying, unseen issues may exist, and performing necessary fixes could keep a potential sale from falling apart.

Home Inspections Could Uncover Many Issues

A homeowner might know the basement floor needs refinishing or the roof is nearing the 30-year age mark. The homeowner might feel shocked upon learning mold grows in the crawlspace or foundational problems are slowly manifesting. While a would-be seller might be unhappy to discover the problems, would it not be better to learn these issues exist before a seller and mortgage company does? If someone puts a bid on the home, requests an inspection, and reads a somewhat alarming report, the buyer might back out. Had the seller fixed the problems months ago, the sale might not fall apart. 

Requesting the Inspection Long in Advance

Requesting an inspection a week before the summer selling season begins may reveal problems, but does the seller have enough time to fix things? A homeowner intending to sell in the summer might wish to request an inspection in the early winter months. If the inspection turns up a problem, there's a decent window for fixing the issue. An early home inspection report review could also help with the following:

Booking a Contractor

Contractors find their phones and email accounts active with people looking to book services in the spring and summer. Getting in touch with a contractor before the industry's busy season gives the homeowner a better chance to fix things than deal with selling a house with a severe problem.

Choosing the Right Agent

Does a particular agent want to deal with a house that needs hazards addressed? With more time available before performing the sale, a seller could locate the right agent for the home. Maybe going with a cash buyer is a better option.

Putting together detailed disclosures and pricing the house better could be possible with an accurate home inspection report. So, why not request the inspection long in advance? Solid preparation might result in a better sale.