How To Find A Water Pump Puller That's Right For The Job

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For your water well to be useful, you'll need to extract water from the ground. To do this, you'll need a pump. The pump needs to be installed and might need to be removed in the future if it must be serviced or replaced. To install and remove a water pump, you'll need a water pump puller and a pulley. You'll need to make sure that the puller you're purchasing is right for the job.


A water pump puller needs to be durable so it can be put to work and won't fail. Any failure when moving a pump up or down can lead to the pump falling and becoming damaged. To be able to handle load requirements, the pump must use hydraulic pressure on pull wheels.

The pull wheels will also need to have excellent grip. You will not only need to lower the pump itself but also cables and anything else that is needed to make sure that the pump is operational. Make sure to measure the weight of your pump and make sure that the pump puller has the capacity to be able to handle the weight of your pump.

Energy Source

Some pump pullers are powered by gas and others by electric. A gas pump puller can be more convenient in some cases because you might not have access to electricity. 

Diameter Adjustment

The puller needs to adjust to different diameters so that it can continuously pull or drop a water well pump. This needs to be done dynamically so that the technician doesn't need to perform manual adjustments. Not only will it need vertical capacity, but will also need horizontal capacity. Optional swinging pipe vises allow for the holding of a steel pipe.


The pump puller needs to be portable. Oftentimes, they come with an aluminum frame that allows for the puller to be used under any conditions. Many of the components need to be waterproof, such as the switch used for remote control and the magnetic reversing contactor.

Drifting Prevention

Drifting is a problem to be avoided when moving a pump up and down. The drive gearbox needs to have a roller chain drive to prevent this from happening.

Optional Features

While there are many features that your water pump puller must have, there are also features that are optional. For example, you can use an:

  • Overhead guide
  • Ring guide 
  • Wheel kit

If you're not sure if you need any of these features, make sure to consult with a vendor and explain the unique needs of your business.